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Avoid costly downtime with A2000’s procurement software and boost the visibility and processing of your invoice effectively. With A2000, you can effectively manage your systems with its automated procurement management module as it provides a cost-effective platform as a solution that is a cloud-based procurement management system that handles your processes from requisition, spend analysis, cost savings, spend management, spend analytics, goods received notes, supplier invoices, and purchase returns in real-time.

Maintaining good relationships with suppliers and companies is important in every business affair so we make sure to provide user-friendly contract management and supplier management software to eliminate manual data entry and spending tracking. This is what makes a smart business affair and it is what our services bring, a nothing beyond compare procurement platform solution to help businesses efficiently process purchasing, accounting systems, suppliers, spending, price ranges, and much other. So, entrust your procurement system to A2000, where your success is our progress and where our services are of top-notch quality. Because A2000 brings a boost in your processes with features that help you track purchase orders and supply chain, and formulate spend analysis to help you spend less than you should’ve manually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here in A2000, we aim to help business owners of all levels and companies all over the world. That said, we make sure to have our cloud-based systems easy to implement and simple to navigate, making you get what you pay for. Here are the real-time features and services of A2000’s smart procurement software.

  • Create Purchase Orders, Purchase Requisition, Good Receive Note, Purchase Invoice, and Purchase to Pay for Every User
  • Multiple Transactions of data that can be converted into PO, GRN, and Invoice
  • Billing Approval Control from each Customer and Suppliers Transaction with Email Notification for Visibility
  • Support Multi-Currency Transaction with Unified, Single Supplier Code
  • Unlimited Line Items Per Transaction and Unlimited Item Description
  • Support Different Delivery Dates per Purchase Order Line
  • Unique Supplier and User Invoice Documents Number Verification
  • Support Landed Costs with Appropriate Accounting Double Entries
  • Support Partial and Full Conversion from PO to GRN for Stock Receiving match with vendor Delivery Order Details
  • Purchase Transaction integrated to GST Form5 Report & Details Report
  • Meaningful Purchase & Purchase Analysis Reports

A2000’s priority is in boosting your productivity and enhancing your strategies. Your success is our progress, and we aim to help you convert leads to sales and keep the prospects coming back and in place in the funnel. Here’s how we go differently from others:

Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Good Received Note, and Purchase Invoice

With A2000’s procurement management, we automate your processes by creating purchase requisitions, purchase orders, good received notes, and purchase invoices for you in just real-time. Our smart services allow you to have full visibility over your employees, process solutions, purchasing, and supply chain. So, entrust the necessary information to us with your approval, and we’ll do the rest for you so that you’ll have more time to deal with much more needed affairs for businesses.

Multiple Transactions that can be converted into PO and GRN

A2000’s software procurement solution is all about allowing employees to have more control and time to spend on things on top of their list. So, we automate different processes for you, in accordance with vendors and their demands. For instance, multiple transactions can be converted into PO, GRN, and invoices in our procurement software to buy you time in other things such as packaging, branding, etc. It also features visibility that allows the company to have full control over the platform and spend process.

Unique Supplier Documents Number Verification

Implement A2000’s procurement software and see your business go automated. Get artificial intelligence solutions done in only half the time you used to spend on it with. With A2000’s e-procurement, we handle your invoices that contain number verification for customization that allows smart data management for your company– giving you full control over other process you have yet to deal with. Together with A2000ERP, we keep all your data and help you manage your processes more effectively and efficiently with your approval.

What Makes A2000’s Supplier Management Worth the Try?

There are many processes that should be present in procurement management software. Among that is purchase requisition which is the process that allows users to specify their requirements to purchase. What makes A2000 different in this sense is that we built a budget-friendly control and approval workflow where different levels of approval are needed for different buying limits for varying customers.

Aside from this, A2000’s procurement management software also adds freight, insurance, and other handling costs into the product so that costing can be accurately calculated for profit analysis. This is because the shipping cost is significant where imports by airfreight are made. Also, A2000 supports standard costing convention with cost variance posting in GRN & supplier invoice processing.

Apart from that, here are some of its unique features here are some of its reports:

  • Master Listing – Products (by default)
  • Master Listing – Price Book
  • Master LIsitng – By date
  • Purchase Order List – By supplier
  • Purchase Order List – By reference number
  • Purchase Order List – With invoice X-ref
  • Purchase GRN List – As of the date
  • Purchase GRN List – By reference number
  • Purchase GRN List – By supplier
  • Supplier Invoice List – By supplier
  • Supplier Invoice List – With GL POSTING
  • Supplier Invoice List – With the landed cost

Hear Our Previous Clients Out​

Ms. Serene Cha
Business Director - Actspand Pte Ltd
"It integrates the point of sales (POS), e-commerce website, among others, to the back-end ERP system software. It is able to synchronize directly to our back-end accounting automatically without any job duplication. It has definitely improved our efficiency and productivity by about 20%."
Mr. William Yeo
Chief Executive Officer – Globewerks
"The A2000 ERP software designed in Singapore is able to cope with the growing demands of our fast-expanding operations. We made the right decision in choosing A2000's enterprise resource software as it met our business needs as we progressed into the next expansion phase. This has resulted in the much-reduced tendency of over-running the project cost, hence, increasing the profitability of projects has increased."
Mr. Raymond Lim
General Manager – Mopi Pte Ltd
"There is a notable increase in our productivity and efficiency after using the cloud ERP software of A2000. This, in turn, helps in reducing our costs, improving our work environment, and preparing our company for future expansion."
Mr. Raymond Soh
TC Import & Export Pte. Ltd
"As we upgraded to the A2000 cloud-based ERP solutions and implemented it in our mobile sales, our productivity has increased by 17%. We will not hesitate to recommend any company to use A2000's ERP systems."

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