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As the changes of today took place, many customers have shifted to the digital market upon choosing the service that they ought to receive. Since then, social media has been the top medium for online shopping and with A2000’s E Commerce Solution Singapore, we help you to start selling alongside different companies in different countries, all over Asia and beyond. So, sell now in the new online economy and give access to millions of potential customers and users through A2000’s ecommerce platform.

With A2000’s e-commerce solutions Singapore, shops can incorporate their online store easily through an all-inclusive fully functioning platform with a user content management system. A2000ERP also helps businesses integrate their e-business to online marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, and Amazon, etc. with links to third-party logistics responsible for fulfillment.

E Commerce Solutions Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever tried online selling but didn’t get the results you desire simply because you’re not appealing to the right market? Well, e commerce is what’s gonna catch you from that downfall.

It helps your business reach the customers that you want to target. For instance, one of the top e commerce platforms to this day is Shopee. And if millennials hear of that, what comes to mind is the branding that it has. Shopee is the perfect platform for people who are on a budget. So typically, they cater to teenagers, students, and other people on a tight budget. 

Meanwhile the Lazada mobile app and platform, on the other hand, have different branding. Compared to Shopee, it is much more expensive. Thus, it has an impression that the items there are more sturdy and trustworthy than those from Shopee. So if people want to buy some gadgets, appliances, and furniture, they tend to go to Lazada. But when they want to score great fashion finds, cheap school supplies, and others, they lean onto Shopee.

The point of it is to manage your business effectively and reach many more potential clients and buyers all over the world, across many countries, may it be from Asia or Europe. It is a much more appropriate platform to make sales as it is one that’s specifically made for selling. It allows easy development of technicalities and features quality software that is hassle-free to navigate and be present on. Basically, it is a solution to many business owner’s questions on how to make sales.

Being that said, e commerce websites allow you to reach specific audiences that you want to target. Because you might think that you have what it takes on one platform but you don’t simply because it’s not the right platform to be in. Perhaps you’ve even seen multiple online stores on Instagram. And although some have skyrocketing sales, most don’t. Simply because they’re not on the right platform. And what’s the right platform you may ask? An e commerce platform.

  • It has a wider sales channel. 

A2000’s platform allows you to open up new sales channels to the whole world where millions of buyers can access your product directly from your website or through various online marketplaces.

  • It simplifies e commerce processes along with other important business decisions. 

A2000 makes things faster and more efficient while eliminating paperwork and duplicate data entry. Because our solution is fully integrated with efficient dashboards and powerful business analytics, you can search for different metrics and have them ready in just a few taps.

  • It is incorporated with Inventory Management. 

The E commerce is integrated with A2000’s Inventory System which helps you to improve your inventory’s level of accuracy between your stores in the industry and the A2000ERP System. With accurate reports in both systems, you can easily evaluate the stock performance and make important decisions.

  • It creates a bridge between the gaps. 

One of the problems small businesses face is in terms of how they manage their system and purchase processes. With A2000 ERP, handling your business will never be easier because all the business processes and metrics are stored in one, organized place which is easy to navigate and simple to implement.

How our E Commerce Solutions Can Help?

Diverse Solutions

Organized Processes

A2000 Solutions offers a variety of e-commerce solutions such as B2B-, B2C-, and marketplaces-integrated solutions to help you optimize your online business and reach different customers across different platforms. This serves as one of your marketing strategies that will target the right market for your site and online business. 

All the e-commerce solutions above are fully integrated with the A2000ERP System which will provide you the convenience and utmost efficiency to automate your daily operations. With this ERP system, you can create a better strategy for your online business to cater to more customers and also navigate through your data, minus the hassle.

Systematic Handling

Online Payment Gateway

The E-Commerce System also allows your sales representatives to sign in, view inventory with customer-specific pricing, view sales history, and open or place new orders. This way, your management system is not only accessible to you but also to other people under you– making the navigation of this digital space much easier.

It is undeniably a hassle when the processing of payments takes a couple of hours before it succeeds. But with A2000, there is a specific payment gateway where customers can have a hassle-free experience in zipping their purchase.

Hear Our Previous Clients Out​

Ms. Serene Cha
Business Director - Actspand Pte Ltd
"It integrates the point of sales (POS), e-commerce website, among others, to the back-end ERP system software. It is able to synchronize directly to our back-end accounting automatically without any job duplication. It has definitely improved our efficiency and productivity by about 20%."
Mr. William Yeo
Chief Executive Officer – Globewerks
"The A2000 ERP software designed in Singapore is able to cope with the growing demands of our fast-expanding operations. We made the right decision in choosing A2000's enterprise resource software as it met our business needs as we progressed into the next expansion phase. This has resulted in the much-reduced tendency of over-running the project cost, hence, increasing the profitability of projects has increased."
Mr. Raymond Lim
General Manager – Mopi Pte Ltd
"There is a notable increase in our productivity and efficiency after using the cloud ERP software of A2000. This, in turn, helps in reducing our costs, improving our work environment, and preparing our company for future expansion."
Mr. Raymond Soh
TC Import & Export Pte. Ltd
"As we upgraded to the A2000 cloud-based ERP solutions and implemented it in our mobile sales, our productivity has increased by 17%. We will not hesitate to recommend any company to use A2000's ERP systems."

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