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You can now reach our Technical Support Center Team by dedicated WhatsApp Support, submitting an email, Ticket, or initiating a chat at our A2000 Online Support Center. There are tremendous benefits to using this online support center.

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Benefits of Using our Online Support Center

Tickets generated online are evidence that a case has been reported and we aspire to reply or close every ticket within 1 – 2 working days. This ensures the accountability of our Support Center to reply to every customers’ ticket. Once a support ticket is generated, our help desk will without fail respond thereafter. A support ticket generated by a customer is visible to the entire Support Center, as compared to a phone call where only one staff is alerted to your issue. Hence, our support center is able to attend to your issue with utmost efficiency.

Many cases reported by users with regard to reporting aberrations or error messages are not related to the system. We have a Knowledge Base of case studies and user guidance tips that we can point users to, that will address these concerns. It can simplify the process if you can fully understand the functions of the system; something that a phone call cannot address, especially in cases where office hours have passed and there is no support staff available. While some users may have experienced “log-jams” or “non-return of calls” in the past, this new method aims to provide a smoother channel for communication between you and our Support Center.


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