With up to 80% of funding support, PSG exists as a platform for businesses to make long-term technological investments. Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) assists businesses that are committed to implementing IT solutions and equipment to improve business processes. Companies wishing to improve productivity by adopting technology based solutions can now benefit from this simplified grant.

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    Claim up to 98% grant!

    PSG 80% + SFEC = 98%

    We passed the strict scrutiny of IMDA, exemplifying the expertise and dependability of the services we provide. You can pay only a minimal cost due to PSG support. With a minimum of 80% to a maximum of 98% grant, it is too good of a steal to miss out during this limited period of Gov't support!

    We welcome questions and inquiries! You can additionally request availability for our FREE CONSULTATION, with no commitments from your end.  You may also use the form above and we’ll contact you as soon as possible, or go directly to our Solutions Consultant Mr. Zen Choo through phone or WhatsApp at +65 8685 2000.


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