E-Commerce Amid Covid-19

The year is 2020 with fast jets, advanced robotics, genetic modification, and other scientific discoveries changing the world as it turns. With e-commerce as an emerging trend, do we have a chance in adapting, or let’s say overcoming this year’s pandemic crisis? What is the actual score of e-commerce amid COVID-19?

With technology taking leaps and bounds from yesterday’s timeline, we are now at a turning point where even viruses have adapted to our advanced lifestyle. How do we even reconcile every turn of events when after one outbreak or calamity comes another too soon, too fast?

E-commerce and its growing trend amid COVID-19 pandemic

Countries are being held on community quarantine and lockdowns. Security measures are being implemented as well as health checks and information dissemination. Flexible working situations are being implemented for companies that are able to do so, and skeletal workforce for those who can’t completely have employees sent home. This is what economies are facing now and there seems to be no absolute solution yet as confirmed COVID-19 cases pile up.

With people on lockdown to help stop the spread of coronavirus, it has proven to be quite a challenge to find a work-around with all the restrictions. As brick-and-mortar shops experience a decline in sales, one particular product of technology seem to thrive in this challenging time: E-commerce. This is where e-commerce became a hit. Even without the pandemic, it has been gaining continuous growth in terms of users and in revenue. But with the current pandemic in place, e-commerce is experiencing growth much rapidly.

For business owners who solely rely on manpower, COVID-19 puts a mighty strain on production and sales. But for those who have made the transition to e-commerce, business is actually booming. As with previous consumers, top of the list comes from middle-class spenders. But with the current issue going on, e-commerce has gone from an easy and comfortable click shop to safer access to commodities without having to run the danger of being infected by community transmission.


E-commerce Software Provider

During trying times, do not hesitate to finally make the change. Upgrade your way of doing business and look into cloud host computing, mobile software, eCommerce, CRM, and other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and modules that will fit your processes.

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Zen Choo

Zen has worked in business software solutions since 2013. His expertise and knowledge are often called upon by colleagues and customers alike. He is passionate about sharing the benefits and values of implementing an ERP System for SME businesses. He has also consulted thousands of companies across Singapore and Malaysia. He has worked with some of the most well-known companies in Asia Pacific Region where he provided guidance on how best to leverage technology for business success. Zen specializes in Sharepoint implementation as well as dynamic CRM Online implementations - both are enterprise-level software solutions that help businesses grow their sales pipeline.

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