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Sales Rep & Inventory Management Tools

A2000 Mobile Business System is a native mobile application on the Android platform. It empowers sales personnel in their interaction with customers, improves the professionalism and shortens the sales cycle by enabling them to create Sales Order and Invoices anytime, anywhere with integral information on warehouse receiving, stock taking, customer credit information, and inventory level.

How A2000 Mobile Business Systems Benefit You?

  • Improve your Sales Rep performance by speeding up the ordering process. Spend your time selling, not filling forms.
  • Reduces Sales Admin’s workload. No longer need to answer Sales Rep call for inquiring customer’s last price and stock quantity.
  • Avoid miscommunication and mistake between Sales Rep and Sales Coordinator
  • Save time and Money. No need to retype all the orders to ERP again.
  • Know all you need to know, 360⁰ view of your customer past orders, outstanding debts, WIP orders and Etc.
  • Make Ordering Paper-Free. Fast, Immediate and Error-Free order taking on any Android mobile device.
  • Boost the image of your company among competition in every sales meeting.

“A2000 Mobile Sales Ordering is an Android Mobile Application that empowers field sales staff to increase sales productivity and improve interaction with their customers.”

Provide instant access to all field Sales Reps with important information such as outstanding balances of their own (or all) customers, available stock status, pending orders, product catalog & specifications by clicking on your smartphone tablet with an Internet connection.

Create on-the-go customer orders and manage the ordering cycle wherever they may be. At the same time, the productivity of order processing at the back office is increased because the need for repetitive data entry is eliminated.

About A2000 Solutions

Founded in 1996, A2000 Solutions Pte. Ltd. started in Singapore as an accounting software developer. Today we provide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that covers financial management, mobile software, sales & distribution, and inventory management system. Our solutions simplify business processes and empowers people; creating dynamic responses to market changes for small and medium-sized industries.

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