A2000 Erp Software

The A2000 Inventory Management module provides multi-warehouse, multi- group, multi-type functions. It tracks stock levels and processes stock receipts, shipments, returns and adjustments. Extensive onscreen enquiry and reporting functions provide detailed real-time information critical for effective inventory management.

A2000 Erp Asset

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Inventory Management Module 1 - Barcode printing

•   Integrated with Purchase, Sale, Production and Warehousing modules

•   Stock issue, receipt, transfer, stock-take

•   List alternate part numbers

•   Warn, block or ignore functions for stock below minimum or negative

•   Barcode support

Inventory Management Module 2 - Barcode printing

•   Insert product images and create catalogues

•   Multi-price types in Product Master

•   Buy, sell and stock in different units of measure; with conversion factors per item

•   Interactive Stock Operations Dashboard – create sales invoice, DO or PO

•   Stock valuation methods – LIFO, FIFO, Weighted Average and Standard Costing

Inventory Management Module 3 - Barcode printing

•   Stock valuation and quantities – accurate to 7 and 4 decimal places respectively

•   Serialised or Lot Number tracking

•   Generate reorder point report by email

•   Landed cost calculation, apportionment of additional costs into inventory costing

•   Transaction drill-down in Stock Status Query