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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often have a one-man team managing the business. And although that is not a bad thing for some cases, sometimes, it is great to have people that will provide a backbone for your business may it be in terms of inventory control, inventory tracking, supply checking, and many others. This will help the business big time by allotting ample time to meet the demand of the customers and be of service to the prospects. Doing so will help the business reach its fulfillment by meeting monthly, and even, weekly goals. 

Here are some of the reasons why some small businesses that mushroomed during the pandemic have more losses than gains:

  • Management vs Leadership

The thing is, there is a difference between managing a business and leading a business. There is a fine line between the two however blurred that line for some business operations is. That’s why some small businesses have more losses than gains, they have yet to know the difference between the two.

To give a brief difference between the two, in managing your business, leadership is about knowing what can be done to increase sales while management is about executing the things that can be done to convert to sales.

  • Nonexistent Customer Analysis

Your business should automatically be for the people right even before you build it. It should provide real-time support as much as possible, or at least have automation tools that help you respond instead of real-time accommodation. This is where small businesses often fall short. They focus on converting sales instead of enticing prospects.

Just a gentle reminder and wake-up call at the same time, customer analysis is important in knowing where to improve on and what to get rid of. Invest time in analyzing and strategizing on how to be in actual control of your business.

  • Incorrect Inventory Management 

Doing business distribution, reporting, and accounting right is of utmost importance most especially to small businesses as it not only meets business goals but also serves customer’s needs. However, some small businesses fall short in this aspect as they are caught up with either leadership and management when sufficient attention should be equally given to both.

If your business doesn’t have a management system or has one but is not meeting your needs, consider investing in an inventory management solution that helps you manage your inventory without falling short of growing your small business.

The main use of an inventory system is to be in control of your numbers, may it be in your costs, stocks, and sales. Hence, purchasing it is worth more than having more losses as compared to gains. With this in mind, the cost of an inventory management software that typically ranges around $80-$200/mo is an investment that will produce greater returns when used right and is if packed with the appropriate and sufficient features. In A2000, we ensure that every penny you put out for your business does not go to waste, so we deliver your money’s worth online in real-time.

With a reasonable amount, A2000 Inventory Management System helps you:

Reduce human error

Since an inventory management system keeps track of your stocks, sales, and purchases, it leaves less room for human error as managing these are done in more order with the inventory software.

Control stocks and serve customers better

Some small businesses overstock which in turn makes them pay more rather than earn more, which eventually leads to more losses than gains. With A2000’s inventory management software, you are more in control of stocks so you wouldn’t have too little nor too much— just enough.

Automate business processes

The inventory tracker of A2000 provides barcode support which means business systems such as that can be automated as compared to human management that might even lead to errors.

What does A2000 inventory management software can do?

An inventory management software helps you keep track of your business systems such as your manufacturing, inventory control, delivery of purchased orders to multiple locations, control of warehouse stock levels, and even accurate management of serial numbers and barcodes of multiple sales.

That said, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need to consider investing in inventory management so that they can track their capabilities better and have access to their data in-store in real-time. Doing so gives more time in leading the business to give room for growth without falling short at managing the business at its current state. In fact, if paired with ERP software, inventory management software boosts sales as it allows room for customer analysis, time inventory, and content strategy.

With this in mind, A2000 in Singapore formulated an order management software that allows businesses of all levels to manage their internal solutions for the platform better. Along with A2000ERP, A2000’s inventory management system aims to help you be in control of your costs, manage your stocks, and be in charge of your time. Because at A2000, your success is our progress.

List of benefits A2000’s cloud inventory management system

  • Integrated with purchase, sale, and finance modules

  • Warn, block, or ignore functions for when stock is below minimum or negative

  • Interactive stock operations dashboard that creates sales invoice, DO, or PO

  • Insert product images and create a catalog

  • Multi-price types in product master

  • Buy and sell in different units of measure with conversion factors per item

  • Barcode Support

  • Stock valuation methods – LIFO, FIFO, weighted average, and standard costing

  • Serialized or lot number tracking

  • Generate reorder point report by email

  • Landed cost calculation – apportionment of additional costs into inventory costing

  • Transaction drill-down in-stock status query

Hear Our Previous Clients Out​

Ms. Serene Cha
Business Director - Actspand Pte Ltd
"It integrates the point of sales (POS), e-commerce website, among others, to the back-end ERP system software. It is able to synchronize directly to our back-end accounting automatically without any job duplication. It has definitely improved our efficiency and productivity by about 20%."
Mr. William Yeo
Chief Executive Officer – Globewerks
"The A2000 ERP software designed in Singapore is able to cope with the growing demands of our fast-expanding operations. We made the right decision in choosing A2000's enterprise resource software as it met our business needs as we progressed into the next expansion phase. This has resulted in the much-reduced tendency of over-running the project cost, hence, increasing the profitability of projects has increased."
Mr. Raymond Lim
General Manager – Mopi Pte Ltd
"There is a notable increase in our productivity and efficiency after using the cloud ERP software of A2000. This, in turn, helps in reducing our costs, improving our work environment, and preparing our company for future expansion."
Mr. Raymond Soh
TC Import & Export Pte. Ltd
"As we upgraded to the A2000 cloud-based ERP solutions and implemented it in our mobile sales, our productivity has increased by 17%. We will not hesitate to recommend any company to use A2000's ERP systems."

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All this said it is very important to manage your business well to attract more leads and convert more sales. This way, there are more gains than losses. So, invest now in A2000’s Inventory Management Software where your success is our progress.


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