Business in the New Normal

As workplaces gradually re-open after COVID-19 lockdown, more firms are seeking new ways of working and are thinking of more long-term solutions for business as a ‘new normal’. Flexible work plans are tailored to workers who are eager to return to their workplaces while allowing businesses breathing room as they implement new social distancing steps.

While most employers eye the feasibility of working from home, some also look at the success of Microsoft last year in Japan with its four-day working week trial. Human resource experts recognize the effectiveness of both strategy as options for the new normal. Moreover, remote work setup also gives companies the preference to either keep or let go of their expensive office spaces.

More and more SMEs are also building their digital presence as the pandemic pushes consumers to adopt cashless transactions. E-wallets have been a growing trend for the past years, but during this crisis, it is becoming much popular as it is now used as a necessity more than a simple convenience previously.

Is Your Business Ready For The New Normal?

Most problems faced by businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are from transitioning from a simple working process to digitalization. This often occurs when a company that wishes to expand and level up their game still uses old-fashioned technology, or merely rely on manpower to run its business. The shift to digitalization may sometimes be an exhausting journey if they did not prepare early, or waited too long until human error has become too rampant subsequently affecting service, quality, and brand image.

Unfortunately, the crisis brought by COVID-19 not only deals a major hit on those that have not upgraded their systems yet, but even those with digital technology already in place. This is because the pandemic caused discord on employee’s daily activities including commute, and regular gatherings.

That is why companies now need to create an approach that empowers employees to collaborate remotely with the right tools and equipment being accessible to them enabling them to function efficiently under tough situations. A solid business continuity plan ensures smooth operations as your organization continues to be productive even during a crisis.

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Zen Choo

Zen has worked in business software solutions since 2013. His expertise and knowledge are often called upon by colleagues and customers alike. He is passionate about sharing the benefits and values of implementing an ERP System for SME businesses. He has also consulted thousands of companies across Singapore and Malaysia. He has worked with some of the most well-known companies in Asia Pacific Region where he provided guidance on how best to leverage technology for business success. Zen specializes in Sharepoint implementation as well as dynamic CRM Online implementations - both are enterprise-level software solutions that help businesses grow their sales pipeline.

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