Business in the New Normal

As workplaces gradually re-open after COVID-19 lockdown, more firms are seeking new ways of working and are thinking of more long-term solutions for business as a ‘new normal’. Flexible work plans are tailored to workers who are eager to return to their workplaces while allowing businesses breathing room as they implement new social distancing steps. […]


Digitalization Efforts Of Singapore Saves The Economy

The digitalization efforts of Singapore through the years may be one of the saving factors of the economy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In a broader sense, digitalization improves the country’s economy through how the businesses operating within the state, innovated from the models, processes, and maneuvers through embracing digital technologies. Digitalization also enables small countries […]


E-Commerce Amid Covid-19

The year is 2020 with fast jets, advanced robotics, genetic modification, and other scientific discoveries changing the world as it turns. With e-commerce as an emerging trend, do we have a chance in adapting, or let’s say overcoming this year’s pandemic crisis? What is the actual score of e-commerce amid COVID-19? With technology taking leaps […]

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