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A2000 Bar Code System helps you to automate data collection where hand recording is neither timely nor cost-effective. These create bar code and QR codes on products, ID Cards, packaging, documents and much more. We assure it is a better benefit for you because

  • It helps you to track all your assets location anywhere anytime.
  • Through the codes the identification of anything is easier.
  • This ensures faster verification.
  • Formulae can be created for various Barcodes provided.

Choosing A2000 ERP Bar Coding System will make it simple for you because

Product and Location Assistance

This A2000 ERP Bar Code software can be formulated for your products and the storage bins. This makes it easier for you to search for the goods in the warehouses.

Batch and Serial Number

You will be allowed to create serial numbers for the individual tracking items. Also, it enables you to initiate track numbers for the items.

ID card Bar Code

A2000 ERP Bar Coding software allows you to get barcodes created for the ID Cards for all your employees, visitors or even for clients.

Asset Regulation

It may be quite difficult for you to track the location. A2000 ERP Bar Coding wants you no longer worry for the difficulty. You can now get coded for every asset in your business with a Bar code or QR Code. This paves your way for the easy track of the location.

Package Arrangement

A2000 ERP Bar Coding Software helps in the generation of reports regarding the data. This makes it easier for you to analyze your data well therefore improving your procedures.


Documents are what make you feel much more connected towards the client or your workers. Maintaining your business documentary is essential as well as quite difficult. We ask you to worry no more. Our software provides Barcodes and QR Codes for all your documents for you to manage it easier.


Get your Barcode Software integrated with other A2000 Solutions

  • The Accounting system can now be integrated with the Barcode software thereby helping you with the easy analyzing of payments and finance management.
  • A2000 ERP Barcode software can get connected with Inventory management and reduce the effort in the internal transactions.
  • This also makes it easier for the document management thereby facilitating you with simpler works for the storage and direction of various documents.

What Client Says

Ms. Serene Cha
Business Director - Actspand
"We are glad that we are able to find a system that integrates the POS, e-commerce website, and stock inventory to the back-end ERP system. The system has been running fine. Especially important is that it is able to synchronize directly to our back-end accounting automatically without any job duplication. It has definitely improved our efficiency and productivity by about 20%."
Mr. William Yeo
Chief Executive Officer - Globewerks
" Last year our company decided that our old accounting software was no longer able to cope with the growing demands of our fast expanding operations. After going through many vendors, we finally decided that A2000ERP is the one that will be able to meet our business needs as we progress into the next expansion phase. We are glad that we have made the right decision. We are now able to keep track of the event budget with much visibility. This has resulted in the much reduced tendency of over-running the project cost, hence, the profitability of projects has increased."
Emilia Clarke
Mr. Raymond Lim
General Manager - Mopi Pte Ltd
"We observed a noticeable increase in productivity and efficiency after using the software, which helps to reduce our costs, improve our working environment and prepare our company for future expansion."
Mr. Raymond Soh
TC Import & Export Pte. Ltd
"Recently, we upgraded to the A2000ERP in order to cope with our expanding operation. Since the upgrade and implementation of the Mobile Sales, our productivity has increased by 17%. Thanks to the great support team, it was a pleasure using your system and we will not hesitate to recommend any company to you."
Mr. Ian Gan
Asst. Gen. Manager - Japan Pack System Pte Ltd
"We are very satisfied with this software which is very easy to use, and the ability to generate various reports, making it a great business management tool. We will definitely recommend other small and medium-sized companies to your easy to learn yet powerful, made in Singapore, ERP Software package."

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